Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Rising Gorge: A Culture Kills Comic

The Rising Gorge

A few notes: Last week, the day before the election, Obama's grandmother died, and a group of commenters at both The Free Republic and Michelle Malkin's Blog (mostly at the former), insinuated and/or claimed that he had his grandmother killed just to get some sympathy votes in the election... well, that is reprehensible to say the least.

If it had been McCain's mother that died instead and a site like the Democratic Underground or the Daily Kos had comments similar to those regarding it, I would be savaging them. If Barbara Bush died the before the 2004 election and I read multiple people claiming that it was part of a Karl Rove strategy, I would have reacted the same way. It is wrong, it is shitty, and people need to be called out for doing it.

That being said, I have to say that for the most part, the posters on that particular entry at were relatively respectful and more than a few attacked the users who posted such speculation. This is coming from someone who has been ripped on by name by that same community at one point in time.

Also, if you've never seen 2 Girls, 1 Cup, I implore you to NOT seek it out online. I say again... if you have not seen it, don't go looking for it. Put it this way... pornstar Ron Jeremy couldn't finish watching it, it is that nasty. If you watch it after I warned you, then it is your fault, not mine.


Jeff said...

Check out and look at the comments after Patterico had the temerity to suggest that Obama was fundamentally a good and decent man.

Arjan said...

some people are just sad implying this stuff.
I think it was hard enough for obama not to jump on a plain the same night and be with his family.

Micgar said...

Matthew-not only is that clip disgusting 2G1C) but I have read on Wikipedia that some links will DL a pack of malware.

Love the cartoon! You posted comments on MM's blog? I tried-you have to register-so I didn't.

MC said...

Jeff: And the fact that it just keeps on going for days makes it that much worse.

Arjan: American Political discourse is very ugly these days.

Micgar: Last October, Angela Gunn wrote an entry at USA Today's Tech Space blog in response to a Carnegie Mellon list about the 100 blogs you should read if you are only going to read 100 blogs and in the concluding paragraph, she included the following statement: "I want to hear what people I respect are thinking, and I want to find more people who challenge or amuse or infuriate me. I think my personal blog intake is richer with less Michelle Malkin and more Andrew Kantor and Matthew Caverhill, or more Joe Bageant and fewer Gothamist clones if you prefer — and as for my own blog, I’d rather be original than encyclopedic."

I was pleased by that mention, and I blogged about it.

Michelle Malkin didn't like the original entry, and she discussed it at her place, which included the above quoted paragraph.

These are the few insults leveled at me at her site through in the comment section:

"I visited these blogs. Two were liberal and one cartoony. All three were run by men none of whom “sounded” asian to me. From this I can only conclude that Ms. Gunn hates women, Asians and clones."

"Who ever that guy is who is thrilled to be mentioned in a post while MM is burned needs to get a life."

Megan said...

So far I have successfully avoided the two girls thing. I plan on continuing to do so!

Wackos are everywhere. I used to blame the educational system, but I have come to realize that no, some people are just born wackos!

(I assume you were the "cartoony" one?)

MC said...

Yes, avoid the 2 girls thing... seriously... and yes, I was likely the cartoony one, as that was back in the days when this blog was bedecked in plaid and my header graphic was a little loonier.