Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Night Videos: Some Classic Conan

Having reposted an older Conan O'Brien related entry on Friday, I thought going back to Conan for the weekend was a good idea with this clip package posted at Funny or Die.

I think this clip package really shows what a huge contribution Andy Richter made to that show... and it also features the ubiquitous Will Ferrell as a leprechaun bit that won him many fans and detractors.


Arjan said...

that's definitely a FUNNY!

sir jorge said...

after all these years, it's still hilarious to see classic clips from conan

MC said...

Arjan: I just wish they would have had a particular sketch where the cast of Late Night had a talk show intervention because Andy Richter was dressing too sexy... that was gold.

Sir Jorge: I still wish Andy Richter didn't leave the show though.

Micgar said...

Conan is so hilarious! Yeah I had forgotten about what a great straight man and main guy Andy Richter was for Cone Bone 69! Great clip!!