Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will Smith to Destroy The Karate Kid with his kid

We all knew that a remake of The Karate Kid was inevitable because of Hollywood's current fixation with remaking and rebooting everything.

And even though I didn't like the idea, I was able to accept that fact.

However, I started to read about the direction the movie is going in, and I have to say, it is amazing how fast fell below my lowered expectations in a spectacular fashion. Why do I say that? Well, Will Smith is producing the movie, and he has decided that his son, Jaden, is going to star in the movie.

I am going to stop for a second here and compare the two leads here:

Ralph Macchio was a 23-year old actor playing a 16-year old who had some decent dramatic work behind him before he did the movie.
Jaden Smith is 10.

Now, I remember the last time I saw a movie where a child had learned virtuous command of hand-to-hand combat skills, I was less than impressed. Of course, that could have much to do with the writing in those awful 3 Ninjas movies, but really, I am not into seeing kids on screen performing martial arts. Seeing a swarthy former New Jerseyite fighting for his life and reputation against a bunch of proto-Aryan, blond-haired, blue eyed Californian punks, all trained by a deranged Vietnam vet... well, that, that is worth watching... especially given the fact that the young East Coaster is being trained by someone who formerly played the fool. It is corny, but for the mid-80's, it totally worked.

And I don't really see any of that happening with this Smith based production. I don't see anyone filling Pat Morita's shoes... and I can't imagine them filming whoever their Mr. Miyagi-type character is working a 10-year old kid to the bone to train them in a thinking-outside-the-box sort of way. Not to mention the fact that filming in Beijing was already mentioned. I mean, what is that about? I mean China, really. Especially considering that Karate is a Japanese word.

All in all, I am expecting the new iteration of The Karate Kid to royally suck... almost as bad as The Next Karate Kid... what were you thinking Hilary Swank?


elgringo said...

First, 3 Ninjas is awesome. Sure, the first sequel only has its moments and the second and third are just pretty ludicrous. But the first one, soooo rad.

About the rest of your post: *cries*

Semaj said...

I agree with you.

Why don't they just leave this franchise alone? If people want to re-live the Karate Kid, rent the DVDs. The series doesn't need a reboot or a follow up.

Mr. Miyagi can't be re-cast.

By the way, Let's forget the cheaper knock-off Surf Ninjas.

Arjan said...

if anything couldn't Will wait 8 years or something before forcing his kid ;)

I'm not looking forward to this one.

Megan said...

My fave sports radio guys have an ongoing gripe about this ever since they heard about it. It is hilarious to listen to them and at least I'm having more fun on my drive home because of it.

That's the only bit of sunshine I have in regards to this news...

MC said...

Elgringo: I just happened to catch part of one that took place in a theme park featuring Jim Varney and Loni Anderson. I think that alone gives the whole series a bad taste.

Semaj: I wanted to forget Surf Ninjas... why, god, why did someone make that movie.

Arjan: He said that if there are sequels, Jaden would still be a teen while they were being made.

Megan: Though if I had to pick between The Karate Kid being remade and Robocop, I'd be right behind Will Smith, giving him all the encouragement he needs.