Friday, October 26, 2007

Best Quote Involving me Ever!

There are times when someone just puts a spring in your step and last night, I got a nice little surprise from USA Today's Angela Gunn.

You see, Carnegie Mellon put together a list of the 100 blogs that you would need to read if you didn't want to miss a major development in certain areas of discussion based on a model designed for finding and containing the source of contamination within a municipal water system. Yes, on some level it is as esoteric as it sounds.

And in reporting about both the model and the list, Angela said the following:

But the experience of browsing entries on that list feels more blog-aware to me, precisely because I won't necessary have the all-the-news-that-fits experience that the 100 might give. I don't need to know -- not for work, not as a person -- what the amorphous "everyone" is talking about. I want to hear what people I respect are thinking, and I want to find more people who challenge or amuse or infuriate me. I think my personal blog intake is richer with less Michelle Malkin and more Andrew Kantor and Matthew Caverhill, or more Joe Bageant and fewer Gothamist clones if you prefer -- and as for my own blog, I'd rather be original than encyclopedic.

That is 18 shades of awesome.

If you've heard me talk about Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, I am pretty sure you can figure out where I stand on Michelle Malkin, so to both be name checked in a quote as something good, something to aspire to, while at the same time, Michelle Malkin is getting burned... to me that is one of those perfect moments in blogging.

And I know some of you reading this also read Michelle Malkin, and I am not going to rip on her, but suffice it to say, me and Mrs. Malkin do not see eye to eye on many things, nor do I like the tone she takes when she discusses those same issues.

Let's just say, the above quote really made my week.


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AG said...

Happy to pipe up, Matthew -- and I think we're probably both enjoying the results. (Though for the life of me I can't figure out why she's bothering so, um, prominently; I know all too well it's a slow freakin' newsweek, but THAT slow?!)

MC said...

Yes, it is enjoyable attention indeed.

Micgar said...

Wow Michelle M and you together-i guess that's an honor...but I know what mean.