Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Favorites: Things I miss from childhood

When I mentioned this article a few days ago when I was writing my post on toys I covet, and I thought it was worth sharing in full again at some point, and well, there seems to be no better moment to do so than now.


I was thinking about a few of the things that I miss from childhood or even the recent past and I decided to put together a short list of 15 things that I miss now that I am an adult.

Some of these things are no longer around, some of them I outgrew and some of them are very niche items. Note: Some of these items may be widely available where you live(particularly food items), so take some of these in the spirit in which they are written.

1. 2D Fighting games... 3D has some selling points, but I grew up on River City Ransom, Double Dragon, Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown.

2. Video stations that actually showed music videos. Canadian stations have followed MTV/VH1's example.

3. Tahiti Treat and strawberry flavored sodas. They both remind me of my grandmother.

4. The online soap operas of the 1995-7 era. The Spot, where art thou.

5. Radio programming not determined from a formula. DJ are supposed to be taste makers dammit.

6. New episodes of the recent Disney animated shows(Filmore, Recess, the Weekenders)

6a. The older Disney cartoon series based on their classic properties(Duck Tales, Talespin)

7. Frankenberry Cereal. I still remember the taste.

8. Little green plastic soldiers. I SO outgrew them.

9. Bags of Swedish Fish. I loved them as a kid as penny candies.

10. Puppets and models in movies... I recently watched Close Encounters again, and you know what... that ship still looks pretty damn good. And well done puppetry has an organic warmth to it that will always stay with me.

11. The old funny commercials for FedEx, Wendy's and Alaskan Airlines they used to show in the 1980's... and are largely the basis for Commercial Crazies

12. Good Teen comedies in the theatres. John Hughes, you made an era.

13. The period where Travolta was a punchline and not a leading man.

14. Cajun Spice Ruffles. I didn't appreciate them as much then as I would now. I can take the heat, and I want them back in my kitchen.

15. Action figures that are meant for kids to play with. What is with this keeping crap in the box? Toys are meant to be played with.

So, what do you miss from childhood?


shubh said...

It is the right time for every activity. Remembering childhood activities gives us a pleasant feelings and sharing special moments of our childhood with our kids amuse them. There is no reason to feel sorry for the things we missed in our childhood.

GatheringDust said...

I did notice about MTV stuff. It did use to be about music videos, these days it's just full of crap shows and dumb advertisements. I think they tried to have a few quality "life" docu-shows but I just wish they were just music videos.

I didn't play with dolls when I was little. I did like those little green soldiers and one could get them quite cheaply then. It's one big bag for less than a meal. I miss playing with toy cars.

I also miss Game&Watch. I wish they would re-release them as they once were, as desk clocks, not as keychains. Casio release a couple of these handhelds like Western Bar and Submarine Battle that was just tons of fun in the pre-gameboy days.

I miss shows like A-Team, MacGyver,Incredible Hulk, Mission Impossible and other 80's action shows. You can watch the re-runs and realise how simple things were but they were still a lot of fun. They can't get away with those silly storylines today of course. Knight Rider and Bionic Woman has been remade but they are just not the same.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm with you on 2D games, music videos being gone, Tahitian Treat soda pop, and Frankenberry, although I was a Booberry kid.

I also miss baseball cards with gum inside them, Hang Ten brand T shirts, and cheap comic books.

Kailyn said...

I'll have to think about what I miss but one of those things is not Tahiti Treat. Whenever I start to wax nostalgic for the red stuff, I go to one of the gas stations that I know still offers it.

Arjan said...

- music video's on mtv (and the two other music channels we got).
- plastic soldiers..oh wait I switched up to warhammer :P
- playing 'war'. There's this place nearby where there are awesome places to play war, enough places to hide, and all kinds of ways to sneak up on eachother.

- decent cartoons, although now and then there are some good ones.
- tv series like Macgyver, although there are plenty of good tv-series around now!! And whenever the A-team is on tv, I still watch it.
- toycars, I still got over a 100 cars at my parents house somewhere.

MC said...

Shubh: And children today are going to miss an entirely new set of things when they are adults.

GD: I remember my parents bought a house shaped box which was filled with a food and such from a supermarket and I used to set up little army men inside of it and look though the handles of the box... because it looked like they were fighting under flare light. And I had some of those games like you describe... those were sweet.

Dr. Monkey: Oh I had forgotten about trading cards with gum. I had a huge bag full of hockey/baseball cards (it was one of those big ass Sears bags they used to have back in the day), and my mother threw the whole bag out. There was thousands of cards in there. DOH!

Kailyn: I didn't think they still made it, truth be told.

Arjan: My toy car collecting got shifted to Gran Turismo and other games.