Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few Toys I Covet

Yesterday, Becca from No Smoking In the Skullcave posted her latest Geek Carnival comic and that is what inspired this post.

In short, her comic was about toy lust and while I don't really have raging toy lust myself, as I do on occasion have those drooling moments. This post lists toys I would drool to have.

I wrote a list back in 2007 of things I missed from being a kid, and #15 was as follows...

15. Action figures that are meant for kids to play with. What is with this keeping crap in the box? Toys are meant to be played with.

...so the things on this list are toys that can actually be played with and aren't just glorified resin statues or such and they actually have to be able to move or customize or something like that.

This is the list the developed from that starting point. So here are a few toys I covet.

Armored Core toys from Kotobukiya. I started playing the Armored Core series of games as of late (after playing a few other Mecha-based games) and in the back of the instructions for the first two of them for the PS2, there are ads for a series of toys/kits. Now, the figures when they are complete are posable and if you have more than one, you can mix and match weapons and parts and stuff, so you can just go nuts and build all kinds of robots from what you've got. So not only do you get the fun of putting it together like a robot oriented set of Legos, but you get to play with it like an action figure. It is the best of both worlds really.

A Diabolical Biz Markie Doll. Do I even have to say why. Seriously, does that Japanese ad not tell the whole story.

Pai Mei from Kill Bill. There are a lot of Kill Bill toys from that particular manufacturer, but man, you know the only one I think would be badass enough to want to have. It comes with weapons... if only it laughed dismissively as well, it would be perfect.

Dr. Doom: I don't read comics, but even in such a state, I know that Dr. Doom is the man and like Pai Mei, a total badass villain type, and let's face it, the mask totally sells it. Plus, I have an old Ben Grimm/Thing (as opposed to The Thing) action figure I got after an Christmas tree came down after an office party (it is a long story) that would go along with this (it is currently fighting a Burger King Ironmonger figure on my book shelf).

El Santo: I don't know where it is available online, but this is the exact figure I'd want. El Santo is and will always be awesome... the consummate Mexican actor and luchador and as Wikipedia puts it, folk icon. He fought evil at every turn, solved mysteries and kicked a whole lot of ass. And who can't respect that?

And finally, Godzilla. And there is a reason I chose that particular model. You see, the thing I love about the early Godzilla movies is you can tell on some small level that it is a dedicated dude in a suit. However, I would likely end up getting one of the later Godzilla models because that was when he really became a hero (and his eyes got bigger to reflect that). Though I would probably take any model that wasn't connected to that steaming pile of crap Devlin and Emmerich were responsible for foisting on the American public.

Robocop: But not just any Robocop... no, I want a Robocop action figure that looks like it got messed up... and they do make one which is pretty shot up, which I love (I am assuming that this figure depicts Murphy after a particular moment in the first movie. Of course, it was after that when he truly got some stuff done. I guess I like seeing my movie protagonists a little worse for wear.

So I guess maybe, just maybe I might have a toy geek somewhere deep inside me after all.


Arjan said...

Pai Mai and Dr Doom would be my favorites of the above list.

Mayren said...

woooooo <-- drools over those toys.
Those are pretty spiffy MC.

MC said...

Put it this way... whenever Kill Bill 2 is on TV here, even if it is cut all to crap, I will sit and watch the Pai Mei chapter.

And Mayren, I thought so too ;)

Becca said...

Holy cow there is a Biz Markie toy!!! And that Pei Mei (sp?) kinda rocks!

MC said...

I just love the fact that it has nose picking action.

Waldorf toys pretend washer and dryer said...

I envy you for still having your toy collection....Those are super cool! I wish I had my own collections too..