Thursday, March 12, 2009

So that's what I'd look like as a Superhero

Now you all know I am not into comics, but I recently tried playing around with The Hero Factory again. And here is the resulting cover.


I know at some point I've used this tool, but I don't remember it making covers with your creations. That was the thing that made me try it again after running into it at Pop Candy.

Maybe I do have a geek pedigree after all.


Jeremy Barker said...

That is totally how I've always pictured you.

Arjan said...

'you' look a bit like the punisher.

MC said...

Jeremy: I just got a haircut and shaved my J. Phoenix beard, so it isn't far off truth be told... well, aside from the ripped abs.

Arjan: That's what I was thinking.