Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Justice League 300

I don't know when the 300 mashups are going to finally cease being legend on the internet, but until they finally become unfashionable, I will inevitably share the best ones I see.

In this case, it is a mashup of the audio of 300 with the animated visuals of Justice League.

It isn't Anchorman 300, but it is still pretty good.


Greg said...

Agreed... Anchorman 300 set the bar pretty high!

Arjan said...

very cool.
I also liked the 'for spartaaa' variations in Robot Chicken.

MC said...

Greg: Who would have thought that Will Ferrell and company would fit so well with an over the top historicalesque epic.

Arjan: Robot Chicken is very good when they do stuff like that.