Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making a Pilot Prediction

I was reading a story at AceShowbiz about 7 pilots the Fox Network picked up for next season, and one of them really stood out to me, and at the moment, it is my pick for the stupidest sounding dramatic premise for the upcoming year.

The last drama has not yet received a title, but it revolves around investigators who solve the mysteries of their clients in previous lives so that they can solve the present problems.

Say what?

I can accept a lot of premises for shows, even if I don't personally watch them, but somehow, that one is just beyond me.

Reading that short synopsis is making me want to get that pilot I am working on done as quickly as possible, because on my worst day, I can probably come up with a better drama than that. Really, who is the audience for that show off the shelf? I didn't know Shirley MacLaine was a Nielsen viewer.

Now, they may get some attractive and buzzworthy actors and actresses for the show and perhaps use that to get people through the door, but I honestly can't see whatever this show is going to be called making it to the midseason.

And for those of you who are thinking that it doesn't sound that bad, just remember all the shows you've enjoyed on Fox that the network has cancelled after a few episodes and ask yourself would you rather see this show or the return of one of those other series that didn't get a fair chance.


Arjan said...

are the other 6 any good?

MC said...

I liked the sitcom idea that Ben Stiller is producing about a CIA team that is trying to overthrow a South American dictator.

Mayren said...

It sounds like FoX is "jumping the shark" with the network.

MC said...

Perhaps they are. Perhaps they are.