Monday, January 19, 2009

Karma's a Bitch

So here is something that made me really believe in karma.

"Comedian" Dane Cook steals bits from other comedians. It is documented and has been investigated, so I am not going to argue that point. (And on a personal note, whenever someone calls another person a douchebag, the first person I see in my mind is Dane Cook... because even if he didn't steal jokes and make awful movies, he just looks like the embodiment of that term).

Now it has come to my attention that Dane Cook and 3 million of his ill-gotten gains were parted from one another at some point late last year.

That's good schadenfreude.


Bart said...

Sadly enough, 3 million isn't much to him right now.

Arjan said...

there are a bunch of Dutch comedians who just rip off English jokes and translate them. Sad they get the props first before anyone finds out.

MC said...

Bart: I agree... he probably has so much more than that.

Arjan: I wonder if there are comedians who work the other way... they steal an act from another language and translate it into English.