Thursday, January 22, 2009

Express Checkout: Brandy, Mickey, K-Fed and Tyler- Attorneys at Law

  • Brandy Norwood has avoided getting entangled in the tentacles of the Church of Scientology. She took some courses, but she has escaped without getting snagged and bankrupted by the *cough* church, which means there is a little bit less money coming in. That is good news any way you slice it.

  • Kevin Federline may be doing Dancing With the Stars. I can't believe I am seeing the day K-Fed is actually doing something he is both trained in and competent at. Of course, the disadvantage of this situation is the public is going to be exposed to him all over again. I mean, I had almost forgotten what he looked like before this.

  • The producers of the Iron Man sequel seem to be lowballing Mickey Rourke. After winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor for The Wrestler, getting a nomination for the same role at the Oscars and being a huge part of Sin City and the upcoming The Expendables, somehow I think his major role in the movie is worth more than what is being offered. There are other rumors that it was a similar salary offer which made Samuel L. Jackson balk at appearing in the movie in a role whose comic book origins were eventually shaped by him. For the record, the first Iron Man movie made over half a billion dollars in revenue.

  • And in the "how is this news" category, apparently Aerosmith's Steven Tyler played I'll show you mine if you show me yours with a couple of teenaged twins when he was 7. Why did anyone think that was newsworthy? I know why I am talking about it (because it is so silly a subject to begin with), but why did someone think it was worth reporting to begin with?


Anonymous said...

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Arjan said...

pfft celeb news :P

Lee said...

I do like the Express Checkout series of posts and hope you stick with it for the rest of the year.

It's all a negotiation I guess in regards to Iron Man 2 - the part might not have a huge amount of screen time or it's their first offer and now Mickey's people come back with a reasonable amount that better reflects his current standing.

PS Why would I want to visit my own blog to find out something that I didn't know? (re comment 1)

Semaj said...

Brandy Norwood: I didn't know she has broken away from Scientology. I remember that incident where she attacked or tore up some real church after visiting Scientology, allegedly.

Will Smith is really starting to make some pro-Scientology remarks of late. I need to look for the last one he's made.

Iron Man: I want to know why they're trying to do this. This is the 3rd time they've done this. But, I personally don't want Mickey Rourke in the movie, but that just my hang up.

MC said...

Hapi: Well, since I use the old template, your mileage may vary with that advice.

Arjan: Well, I have to roll in all directions pop cultural (and I notice when I write about video games, no one shows up)

Lee: I totally scammed the concept from Semaj, who rocks it as "Random thoughts". I don't get the M.O. the Iron Man producers are using though. They have a limited amount of time to get this thing together, and you would think they would try to be cheap about everything.

Semaj: I hadn't heard that part about Brandy. That adds a lot more to this story then because that is a damn moment there. And different strokes for different folks for Iron Man... but I am still pissed about Sam Jackson... he IS that part now in some of the comics.