Thursday, October 23, 2008

Express Checkout: Ugly Betty, Dr Pepper and The Green Hornet

  • On Ugly Betty, Lindsay Lohan plays a raging bitch who tormented the titular character as a teen. She was supposed to appear on 6 episodes. That has been trimmed to 4. Lohan claims that America Ferrera went diva on her and tried to embarrass her, while the producers of the show say that Lohan was the diva, showing up with an entourage and acting in a way that was less than desirable. So, maybe America Ferrera is a bitch... but I have my doubts in this feud. Why? Well, if I remember correctly, there was that infamous letter admonishing Lohan for her diva-like behavior, so I am willing to give Ferrera the benefit of the doubt here.

  • Are you an American citizen? Well, if you are, you are entitled to a free 20oz Dr. Pepper next month, as Guns N' Roses have finally released Chinese Democracy, and the soft drink company is keeping their word to give everyone in the United States a free Dr. Pepper... but the catch is you have to register for it today (the offer is only valid on November 23) (So far, my own crazy vow is safe as there still isn't a new Goonies movie out yet... only 435 days to go).

  • If I didn't like Seth Rogen before, I'd have to like him now. He is slimming down and getting in shape for the title role in The Green Hornet, and he hates it. Not the work, not the change in lifestyle... no, he hates the fact that now that he is abandoning his portly look, he feels like a sellout. He likes being a little overweight, and gets that it is part of his appeal as a comic actor and I love that candor. I think Hollywood could use a bit more of that honesty.


Semaj said...

I have to agree with you on the Lohan thing. It has been well documented that she's somewhat of troublemaker on sets and is the reason she doesn't have much of a career today.

You have to wonder why they would even be bothered with her to begin with?

Anonymous said...

The article says you have to register for the free Dr. Pepper on November 23, not October 23. Which is good, because I would have missed it!

MC said...

Semaj: In an odd way, this whole thing does sort of mirror her character's arc on the show too.

Anonymous: So noted and thus corrected.