Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorites: Have you seen these?

Until last September's post about Jodie Foster vs. Sin City, this was the most commented entry I had made here at Culture Kills, as it did seem to hit a nerve with people.

Originally posted on May 25th, 2006, this entry is about those ubiquitous Chinese Food Containers that you see in the movies and television that I still haven't seen out in the wild, nearly two and a half years later. Maybe I never will.

Ok, this is a little thing, but it has been bothering me for a while now.

Has anyone ever had Chinese Takeout from the above type of container. I see them all the time in the movies and on TV, but never in my life have I ever encountered them. Not once, and I've eaten a lot of Chinese food in a lot of locales.

Maybe it is a regional thing or something... like I live in the only place in North America that doesn't have those neat little white cardboard boxes. Maybe I am missing out on part of the experience by only being exposed to styrofoam containers and metal serving dishes. Would my subgum wonton taste better coming from a miniature cube of cardboard? Perhaps I will never know.

Could it be that these owners keep those delightful little packages of joy for their clients who rent huge loft apartments on fast food wages and on occasion find themselves sucked into huge adventures that work themselves out over an hour or two's worth of retelling. I know my life certainly doesn't work that way.

Well, at least it won't until I get the phone company to finally give me that 555 number I've been clamoring for.


mfheadcase said...

Heh, never saw this post before, but most of the chinese take out places near me in Northwest Indiana have them (about 30 miles from Chicago).

Some with the fancy printing, some plain white, in my experience they rarely leak as the card stock they are made from is also coated, and they are nukable if you remove the staples and/or metal handle before doing so.

They seem to come in cup, pint and quart sizes, with me being too lazy to look up the metric conversions if you need them.

A few items, like General Tso's chicken, come in aluminum trays instead, and a few others, like tofu in szechuan sauce come in plastic tubs, but most items come in these containers locally.

I don't think that the containers affect the flavor, but they do affect the look and feel, and the seem to hold the heat in better than paper has any right to, better than the few time i also received items in styrofoam.

Megan said...

Since I moved I haven't found out the local Chinese food place yet, but I got a mailer today that looks promising!

If they deliver to my address I'll be getting some this weekend and I'll let you know what it comes in!

Lee said...

We have them in Australia at a couple of the noodle outlets. They are actually really good containers for noodles.

Anonymous said...

Actually those are the ONLY kind of containers I saw when I lived up in Nothern California! I haven't seen any recently in the shee-shee place where I live now, but yes...they exist!

MC said...

Mfheadcase: See, all I ever see is the styrofoam... and I have a feeling those little cartons are more microwave friendly too.

Megan: I'd sure appreciate that.

Lee: For a hard or soft noodle though?

Hilly: I wonder if there is any geographic rhyme or reason for their availability.