Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Awesome Old Isuzu commercials

There are a lot of technically sound car commercials these days, but part of me thinks we've lost our sense of wonder and expectation of risk when it comes to the medium.

After seeing these old Japanese ads for the Isuzu Gemini from 1985... before the days of CGI, so this is pure stunt driving. I am especially impressed by some of the drift work near the end of the spots.

I think if I saw these when I was a kid, I would have wanted an Isuzu Gemini when I grew up. Of course, I wonder what the original music was like, as it had to be better than the music on this video (which is She Moves by Karaja).


Arjan said...

funny thing is, I stumbled on this vid by coincidence on youtube about a month ago, seeing it for the first time.
One hell of a commercial.

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