Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Second Annual SUPER TRANSMUNDANE Awards

It's that time of year again, when the selection panel for the weekly version of the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award looks back at the previous 52 weeks of winning entries and decides which ones are truly deserving of additional accolades and praise.

Of course, since the selection panel for all the Transmundanity Awards consists of me and... well, me really, I guess choosing the best shouldn't result in any backroom deals, coercion or threats of violence, for which I am eternally grateful.

So it comes down to 51 stunning entries (as week 6's contest resulted in no winner), and 7 awards. Who will win this year's brass ring? You'll just have to read further to find out.

Best Original Video: Burbanked Week 45. My definition of original video is a video that a entrant has made on their own. So, despite the fact that the majority of the footage this winning entry contains is gleaned from movie trailers to make a definite statement about the upcoming summer movie season, it is still the work of a blog editor, so I feel comfortable giving Alan this award. (Burbanked won the Best Movie Parody/Mashup video last year)

Best discovered video: fjetsam, week 47 Muppet Rickroll was legendary. It really was. The editing, the concept, and the fact that I got hit by an infuriating trend, and yet I didn't care... the presentation was solid gold. And with over 10 thousand hits after its win, it seems that many others agreed.

Best Movie Parody/Mashup video:
Popped Culture, Week 36. The Frogfather, which was a segment from The Muppet Show, was a well-conceived parody of The Godfather, back when entertainment for kids on television could be enjoyed by adults as well. If history is any judge, the Muppets will continue to do well in the Weekly Transmundanity Awards.

Weirdest Product: Fandumb, week 31. It's Milk, it's Cheese made out of resin and getting ready to have a street fight. Indeed, it is everything that I look for in a winning entry, and more. It is weird, funky and slightly disconcerting, which clearly are qualities which I reward.

Best in Text transmundanity: Jay Barnes, week 42 Jay wrote a ribald little anecdote entitled Maybe the Dog just isn't into you, which described a friend's work in animal husbandry. It was an instant classic. And I think I would be a little reticent about shaking the hand of someone who did that for a living now.

Best First Half entry: C3Fun Week 4, which featured Don Hertzfeld Rejected. I think the factor I used for this determination was the fact that I have returned to that entry on more than a few occasions in the 48 weeks since it first won the weekly Transmundanity Award, which indicates to me at least that it has some staying power.

Best Second Half Entry: fjetsam, week 47. Is it any surprise that not only did this winning entry pick up the best discovered video, but the Best Second Half Entry award as well. I love the Muppets, and while I am not wild about getting Rickrolled, well, the presentation really did mitigate that. It is indeed a great piece of work. Huzzah!

Congratulations to this year's big winners. Tune in tomorrow night for the start of this year's set of awards. Who will win the first prize of this year? I guess you'll just have to wait and see.


Burbanked said...

WOW! Thanks, Matt! Because I'm in marketing, I have absolutely no problem getting accolades for creating something original that truly isn't.

Jeremy Barker said...

Thanks MC! I've always been impressed with your support of other bloggers. Not enough to do something similar myself, but impressed nonetheless. I hope you have received some good karma/traffic in return.

MC said...

Burbanked: I'm in blogging like you, so I don't either.

Jeremy: Well, giving out an award is always good in terms of networking, and you do meet a lot of interesting people.

Micgar said...

Hey Matt-thanks for the mention! I still go back to that post also! That particular clip is so surreal! I am honored that you mentioned my lowly blog!

MC said...

Micgar: There is nothing lowly about your blog.