Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week 36: Pageant of the Transmundane

Hello from the planet Mariglenn. And even though I am in a Galaxy far, far away, I still managed to pick a winner this week.

Now, there were a few things I saw this week that were vying for recognition, but in the end, it came down to my old friends embedded video and parody courtesy of Popped Culture.

Jeremy found an old sketch from the Muppet Show which riffs on the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie, The Godfather, with Kermit the Frog taking the place of the title character, thus becoming The Frogfather.

They don't make puppet related comedy they way they used to. I mean, take a look at the walls of the restaurant... now that is an inside joke for the adults who saw the movie in question. Well done everyone involved.

And since this is a Godfather related winning entry, well, I thought a little bit of Don Homer would be the most appropriate symbol for this victory. Thus, we have the dapper Don sampling some fresh donuts, much like Jeremy is once again sampling the savory delights of the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award.

Congratulations on win number 3 Jeremy.

Unfortunately, because his first win was in week 30 of last year, this third win does not qualify him for a Triple Crown just yet. However, another win before week 47 will get you that much coveted piece of hardware.

The rules of this little contest: Every week I will be selecting one blog post that I have seen from the vast reaches of the blogosphere to bestow with the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award for being one of the freakiest(in a funny way) things I've seen or read during a 7 day period. It doesn't necessarily have to have been written during the week, I just had to have encountered it. That means that if you find something interesting and repost it like a movie or whatever, if I saw it at your blog first, you get the prize. Of course, creating your own content is also a very good way to win.

Now, if you see a post that you think is worthy of this illustrious prize, just drop me a line at and we'll see if we can't get your suggestion up and award-ready while giving you some credit and a link to your own blog.


Jeremy Barker said...

Damn, no Triple Crown! Well thanks again for the recognition of my pop culture data mining skills. Looking back at the Muppets it is amazing how unique of a show it was. I probably saw the same skit and many others as a kid and the parodies went right over my head, but here I am enjoying them again decades later.

Micgar said...

I loved that! it combined two of my favorite pop subjects-the mob and animated/puppet-related satire!

MC said...

Jeremy, looking back, you tend to win with strange mashups... and because I saw your entry, I ended up watching a lot of Swedish Chef skits on Youtube. Bork, Bork, Bjork.

Micgar: Who doesn't love the mob and puppets?