Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday Wishes:

Yep... this one is specifically made for today. Huzzah!

Super Bowl Sunday Wishes


Micgar said...

Arrrrgh! Yep! (almost) all of those things will be evident tomorrow!

Arjan said...

hehe the nipple slip is probably the only thing that got through to the newspages overhere ;)
But well a lot of fuss about a breast..

Megan said...

Well, you are 0 for 3.

It was a great 4th quarter, though!

MC said...

Micgar: Really, I wanted to see the first one at least.

Arjan: A network is getting fined for bare buttocks shown about 4 years ago on a dramatic series. That is craziness... and it was all started by a breast at the Super Bowl.

Megan: Yes, it was indeed a great 4th quarter.