Monday, February 04, 2008

The Patriots lose, and I get a hearty laugh

With the prospect of the Patriots going undefeated, well, of course a book written by the Boston Globe was pretty much ready for publication, and was just waiting for the last chapter to be written on the field. It was already available for preorder from Amazon and would have likely shipped as soon as the heavily favored Patriots won their final game of the post-season.

But by now we all know that the final chapter didn't turn out that way however, as the Giants beat the Patriots and denied them their seemingly assured place in football history (for which I am happy).

And then I looked at the list of items that people buy after viewing that page, and I got a huge laugh. This is not Photoshopped... this is the first three items on the list I encountered.

Yeah, sometimes customers have a really good sense of humor. Now I wonder if the Boston Globe is going to really start ripping into Lost now.


Megan said...

You know how as soon as the game ends they bring out the hats, t-shirts, etc. etc. - I always wonder what happens to the stockpile over in the other team's locker room. D'you suppose they just bundle it out and toss it away? I'm sure there is a recycle program in place, right? At least I hope so.

It would kind of be like getting a hold of a one-sheet for Revenge of The Jedi. But not really.

Arjan said...

well at least Lost & Veronica Mars are great buys ;)

salamndstron said...

Well evidently they never had a chance since god was on their side God Roots For Giants

MC said...

Megan: Someone suggested that they become landfill, but I don't really believe that.

Arjan: Indeed they are.

Salandstron: Hubris is a bitch I guess.