Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey! Nielsen is in Public Beta

Last week, I was invited to participate in the final stages of the closed beta of Hey! Nielsen, a new social media site from the fine folks who made their name in determining television ratings and now the site is open to the public and I feel am now free to talk about the site.

I am sure most of you have been to sites that on the surface resemble Hey! Nielsen, as it is a network site that is predicated on users writing their opinions on television shows, movies, music, websites and personalities(I myself enjoy this last category as it catches a lot of comedians as well).

You can also agree or disagree with someone else's opinion. For example, let's say you read a negative opinion of Heroes, and while the opinion did make some good points, you still disagree with the general premise of their opinion. You can then assign a rating to their opinion for -5 for strongly disagree through +5 for strongly agree... or any rating in between, including a neutral 0 rating as well.

Personally, I'm sort of laughing about some of the reactions I've been getting about my opinion of Sarah Silverman. I stated that while I like her work, her comedy isn't for everyone, and a few people are disagreeing vehemently with that opinion. It is very strange. Of course, my write-up of Jon Stewart was very well received. At the moment it seems to be a Supernatural and Jericho lovefest, but I have a feeling as more people join the site, everything will start balancing out.

The service also seems to be allaying some of my angst regarding writing reviews of new series I am currently enjoying, since it is Nielsen and perhaps my opinion, along with countless others might help keep a few more of them on until they find a larger audience. Hey it could happen, couldn't it? So I may feel a little freer in expressing my opinions about new series at Culture Kills once again.

I've also put one of the site's widgets on the blog running a list of my opinions/reactions if anyone is interested in taking a gander, though my titles are pretty self-explanatory. And if you happen to join, drop me a line... my username is writinguy.

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