Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stop me before I talk about a new tv series again!

Looking back over the past season of television, I couldn't help but notice that in nearly every time I mentioned a new TV series, it was dropped from the schedule faster than a hot potato. I was like the blogger angel of death of television... if I discuss a show, it dies!

I mean, in just the past few weeks, I wrote about both Greek and The Knights of Prosperity and the week that I did, ABC stopped showing them on network TV. And I championed Smith when it first came on, as well as Studio 60.

It seemed like as long as I didn't write about particular shows, they would seem to do alright, but once I spoke up, Bam! it was permanent hiatus time. That is especially true of Knights, as I avoided talking about the show until I thought it was safe. And as soon as I did, it got canned.

Let's see the shows that I wrote about that didn't make it:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
3 Lbs
The Knights of Prosperity

What made it:

Ugly Betty(really, I couldn't have killed it, even if I wanted to)
Shark(maybe the fact that I gave up on it saved it in the end... that or the CSI lead-in)

I guess it is a good thing I never watched Heroes and thus wrote about a lot of the other shows that people really liked this season, as I could have easily put the whammy on them as well.

So my new pledge is to write only about shows I hated and ones that are established. I think that should keep things at the television morgue a little slower.


J.D. said...

THANK GOD you never wrote about "30 Rock".

RC said...

how funny...and yet the strange thing is you'd think that you're writing about newer shows would help generate maybe a small handful of new viewers.

yikes...tough luck...i guess MC kills like cutlery??? ah nevermind.

MC said...

JD: Actually I did... though not in the same kind of way I did with some of those other series.

RC: That's what I thought too... and of all those cancelled shows, I think I am most heartbroken about Knights because it was quirky and probably would have appealed to a larger audience in the right time slot.

Jim Squires said...

You forgot one, sir. You turned me on to Life On Mars, only for it to wrap up at the end of the season! :P

MC said...

That was a pre existing show, so I didn't kill it so much as I allowed non-British viewers to look for it.