Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Almost got into Beauty and the Geek

I was very tempted to watch the whole premiere of the fourth season of Beauty and the Geek last night after I found out that like nearly all reality shows heading into their 4th season or later, there was a special twist.

This time around the twist was that one of the geeks was a cute gal with a male "beauty" partner. That was intriguing to me, because the television world needs more geek girls. I have to say that Beauty and the Geek was always one of those shows that I was aware of, but it had never ever been on my plate as a viewing option, and that was almost enough get me to fully engage with the show... almost.

Now, don't get me wrong: I love femigeekiness in all its forms, and I did flip on the show quite a few times to check out the action and the female on female-geek hatred, but in the end, even the allure of a geek chic woman wasn't enough to draw me into the show I am sad to say. So once again, I am going to going to be on the sidelines as people talk about this show throughout the blogosphere, though if I read that Nicole is doing well, perhaps I will have a little smile.


Bart said...

Hot geek woman? That's only the stuff of legend... :D

Semaj said...

I heard they were Mythical. No one has lived to see one.

Just joking.

I had to watch a few episodes from the first season in a social science class. I liked some things about it. But, I hated that they got the worst geeks they could possible get.

MC said...

Bart: I didn't say hot... I said cute... ;)

Semaj: Well, it seems like their "beauties" aren't too high on the IQ totem pole either so both groups are the very fringes of their respective categories.

Bart said...

Ah, I see, the hot female geek has still yet to be found. Like Nessie.

MC said...

I guess the answer to that question depends on how you feel about Natalie Portman.