Thursday, September 27, 2007

Music Videos I wish were full length movies

I was recently thinking about some of the music videos that I really liked the narrative element to, and I thought, why not make a list.

Now these videos aren't on a movie's soundtrack and aren't being used as part of the marketing campaign. I also couldn't include any of the Daft Punk videos from their Discovery album because they were all put together to make a movie.

Now I could embed all these videos, but I think at this point having a blog that loads in less than 3 minutes may be preferable at this time.

Pulp - This is Hardcore. For a song about pornography, the video has completely different overtones rooted in 1930's-60's Hollywood glamor. It is very L.A. Confidential. The video is so good that I would like to watch both the movie being made and the behind the scenes-type film.

The Decemberists - Sixteen Military Wives: A song about a certain military debacle turned into a Wes Anderson movie. Even divorced from the song that supports it, the video stands strong as a narrative, and that's why it is on this list.

Belle and Sebastian - I'm a Cuckoo: A narrative about a training long distance runner caught in the midst of a romantic comedy in Glasgow.

Madvillain - All Caps: I like the samples I admit it, but it was the old school comic look of this short video that makes me want to see more. Of course, having the story end on a Stan Lee/Batman note is always a positive.

Yo La Tengo - Sugar Cube: In all honesty, I thought School of Rock was going to be based on the concept of this video. The principals of Mr. Show makes this video what it is.

So, are their any videos you wish were full length movies?


DutchBitch said...

Sheesh!!! You make me feel old and extremely musically challenged...

MC said...

Nah... that's how I feel when I flip on a video channel now... most of those clips are older. :)