Friday, July 12, 2013

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Day 2

It seems that my prediction that the card set for the sale is predicting the featured item for every day of the Summer Sale has come true.

Today's Getaway card theme is the Dark Ages. 

Daily Deals

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 75% off (6.24) This is definitely a game that looked fun when the Game Grumps played it a few months back and I've heard it has gotten even better since then. It also has a good Metacritic score, so it may be a worthy buy for people who like multiplayer games.

The Walking Dead 75% off (6.24) This is a very good game, full of tough choices and interesting characters. A big recommendation.

FTL 75% off (2.49) A roguelike game where you play as the captain of a lone spacecraft trying to outrun a rebel fleet to save the galaxy. It is a game that is full of astonishing moments and you really do get attached to your crew. Another recommended buy.

Just Cause 2 80% off (2.99) This game is an insane open world game and they've added multiplayer through modding. Recommended.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 66% off (3.39) While it does look like it is crazy fun, the fact that there was a free version makes me a little wary. I know there is a community of people who love it, but I have some doubts about this one even with the great review scores.

Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior 85% off (4.49) Run away. Run far away from this game. No really good reviews and a lot of bad ones, so even at this price, it is looking like a bad deal.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 50% off (29.99) I don't know what the player base numbers are like for this game at the moment, but looking at the Steam discussions for the game, it seems like this is likely to be the lowest it is going to go for a long time, so it may be worth buying for people who love FPS games at a discount.

Darksiders II 80% off (9.99) It is a God of War kind of hack and slash game with RPG elements. If that is your kind of thing, then it is a good buy. However, I have a feeling that the non-sale price is going to come down over the next few months and even at a lower discount percentage in the winter sale, it will end up being cheaper. Take that with a grain of salt however.

Fez 50% off (4.99) I've heard really good things about Fez and the review scores are phenomenal (like 91/100 on Metacritic). That being said, I am likely going to wait until the winter sale to buy it since I have so many games already.

Anno 2070 50% off (14.99) Futuristic Sim City-type game with environmental elements to it. Not my cup of tea, but it may be yours. I think the price has been better in the past though.

Flash Sales Day 2

Round 1 1-9PM

Legend of Grimrock 75% off (3.74) An older style 3D RPG, with a lot of secrets and a great mod community, so it is well worth buying.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown 75% off (9.99) This is a really good price for this wonderful throwback to XCOM's past. Again, another recommended buy.

Runner 2: Future of a Rhythm Alien 50% off (7.49) I wasn't a huge fan of the first game, but I know a lot of other people were. My recommendation is if you do buy this, get the bundle, which has the soundtrack and a character pack since it is only $2.49 more and that content costs more separately.

Far Cry 3 40% off (23.99) A very well reviewed open world game, and no objection to the quality of the game. However, I've heard that even recently it has been cheaper on more than one competing service, so it may not be the best time to buy this.

Round 2 9PM-5AM

Super Meat Boy 75% off (3.74) Sadistically hard but fair. Yes. Gross sense of humor. Yes. Kickass soundtrack. You know it. Overall great game and worth your money. YES.

God Mode 50% off (4.99) I like the ideas and concept behind this game, but I've read that it was not entirely successful at delivering on the promise its trailers revealed. I wouldn't recommend it.

Magicka 75% off (2.49) I liked the sense of humor this game had, but as I am mostly a single player kind of guy, it wasn't the best game for me. Technically you can play this as a single player experience, but this was definitely a game designed with group play in mind. Hopefully it is much more stable than it was when I played it, because it is a game with a lot of content and some interesting ideas.

Bully Scholarship Edition 75% off (3.74) I really liked Bully on the PS2, and I would totally recommend it, however I have heard conflicting reports about its stability and the quality of the port (issues which may have been resolved since its initial release). It is a great game, but if the port is really bad, I don't know if I can fully recommend it for the PC.

Round 3 5AM-1PM

Farming Simulator 2013 66% off (9.51) I bought Euro Truck Simulator 2, so I am in no position to judge. That being said, apparently this is a fun game for those inclined, but I have a feeling most won't be.

Garry's Mod 75% off (2.49) This is a fun little creation tool, allowing you to play with assets from a variety of games. You need to own a Source-based game for this to work. (TF2 isn't on the list of applicable games though).

Ys I and II Chronicles+ 66% off (5.09) An pair of old school action RPG's from the late 1980's re-released with more modern touches and some enhancements, including Steam achievements. If you like older games, you may like this too.

Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition 75% off (7.49) This is a really good game. Only quibble is it uses SecuRom, which... let's be honest, is less than ideal for a game already protected by Steam. 


My Steam Summer Sale Running Total: $9.99 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 1 Summer Sale card earned.

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