Thursday, July 11, 2013

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Day 1

Well, it is that time of year again, that glorious time when the Steamy skies open up and pelt us all with deals.

Every day for the length of the sale, I am going to be going through the daily sales offerings and telling you about the deals. This post will be a bit longer since I have to talk about some of the overarching themes of this particular sale though, so the other 9-10 posts of this series will be shorter.

The theme of this year's sale is a Summer Getaway, so it looks like every day is going to take place at a different locale around the world... for example, today is Bioshock Infinite in Paris.

And yes, there is a badge crafting game with trading cards (the mystery cards ended up being those very same cards), but I think the fact that the list of cards has already been released also gives everyone a heads up about what one of the deals of the day is going to be for the next 10 days.

Today: Bioshock Infinite
Tomorrow: Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Saturday: Dead Island Riptide
Sunday: Football Manager 2013
Monday: Kerbal Space Program
Tuesday: Prison Architect
Wednesday: Reus
Thursday: Skyrim
Friday: Tomb Raider
Saturday: Torchlight 2

This sale also seems to be Valve's opportunity to really expand the number of games that are part of the trading card program, and I think that games that do not have cards yet will be more likely to come up as daily sales. That is merely my theory on the matter given how many games that are on as a daily sale today received a trading card update.

I like the fact that for this Steam sale the Flash deals have been toned down a little bit in terms of frequency from 4 changes a day to 3, since that means you have to check the site a lot less, and in previous years there was a lot of repetition between the sales. 

The Daily Deals

Bioshock Infinite: 50% off (29.99). It is a very well reviewed game, and if you want it now, that price seems very tempting. However, you can get it at Greenmangaming for 24 with a coupon code they provide on their front page. If you are going to buy it today, get it from them since it is a Steamworks game. In fact, for the list of games in that above card list, if it is a Steamworks game, GMG may do an overt price match with Steam and then add the coupon code deal on top, so you may get a better price on the deal of the day every day it comes up.

Don't Starve: 40% off (8.99). I've heard a lot of good things about this game, especially about the involvement of the community. If you've been waiting a bit to play this, and you are going to start it soon, then I say buy it. I am going to wait until the next sale to jump in to this survival game, but I will definitely be buying it at some point. I really like the art style too.

Hotline Miami: 75% off (2.49), Left 4 Dead 2 75% off (4.99) Buy them.They are good games, and the price is right.

Endless Space: 66% off (10.19). It is a good turn based 4X game. If you are going to buy this, I would recommend getting the gold package since the DLC goes from being 9 dollars to just a buck as part of the package.

Toki Tori 2 34% off (9.89). It just came out today, so even though I wasn't a fan of the first one, I think I could definitely recommend this game to people who liked the first one.

Scribblenauts Unlimited 75% off (4.99) This may be the game I buy in the next day and a half or so. I've wanted it for a while and this is the best Steam price I've seen for it, so I am making this a recommendation.

Defiance 66% off (13.59-23.79) If you like the show and you haven't played this game, then maybe you might want to jump on this. However, I've heard some unfavorable reviews, so it may not live up to expectations.

Anti-Chamber 66% off (6.79) A twisted first person puzzle game that supposedly messes with your brain. I think if you like games like Portal, this should be a definite buy.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 33% off (10.04) It is a well-reviewed game from Techland, the people who made the Dead Island games, so if you really want it, jump on it now, but it will likely be much cheaper come the Autumn and Winter sales.

The Flash Sales

Round 1 1-9PM

Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition 70% off (8.99) This version has all the DLC, and for anyone who likes long, tough RPGs with some of the same kinds of moral choices that Mass Effect has, this would be a great buy all around.

Skyrim Legendary Edition 40% off (35.99) I don't have to tell you Skyrim is a great game. The question is, is 40% a low enough price for you to jump on this collection. I am going to wait, but I wouldn't blame anyone for getting it now. However, even if you miss it, I have a feeling that it will return at this price point again on Thursday.

Grid 2 40% off (29.99) It just came out a couple months ago, so this may be the best price it's been at so far. And the DLC is at the same discount. However, I do wonder if there will eventually be a collection at some point with everything (since I've read that there may be challenges that require you to have some of the DLC to complete the game).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 66% off (5.09). I was never a fan of CS, but even I have to admit this is a good price, so I would recommend buying it at this price point.

Round 2 9PM-5AM

Euro Truck Simulator 2 75% off (9.99). I've made a few cracks about Train Simulator in the past, I admit it. But there is something about Euro Truck Simulator 2 that is intriguing to me. I've read a lot of good reviews for it, and somehow I feel my resolve breaking. I may end up buying this game before the evening is through. EDIT: And I did.

Dark Souls 75% off (7.49) If I had a better processor, I would buy it, especially at this price. It is a very hard game, but according to everything I've heard, it is also fair, and if you've read my review of God Hand, you know that is something I really appreciate.The only other thing that I have a quibble about is the fact that it uses Games for Windows Live.

Bastion 85% off (2.24) This is a great price for a really good, stylish indie RPG. The narrator adds another level of cool to this title. It is a good buy.

Cities XL Platinum 75% off (7.49) I don't like city simulation games, but I did like the move that Focus Home pulled following the launch of EA's Sim City and its initial problems, they had a huge sale on this game and released a dubstep trailer which talked about the features of their own game that were comparable or better than the new Sim City. I liked the moxie of it.

Round 3 5AM-1PM

Football Manager 2013 75% off (9.99) I loved Football Manager 2011, and got a lot of play hours out of it so this entry comes highly recommended.

Duke Nukem 3D 66% off (3.39) This is an older game that has been upgraded for modern computers, but one that is highly respected. If you are into retro first person shooters, then buy this.

Little Inferno 75% off (2.49) It is an indie game where you burn stuff in a fireplace. All I can say about it really.

Civilization V 75% off (7.49-12.49) I am not a fan of the Civ series. But, I know a lot of people who are, and while there have been sale prices like this in the past, I have to note that the new, new expansion Brave New World is 33% off now too. I have a feeling that this is going to be a daily deal in the next week or so as well.


So it has been a decent start to this sale, but not truly epic. I still have to pan through the items which will not become daily/flash deals since there are some really good deals.

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