Saturday, July 13, 2013

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Day 3

Well, Steam has made a liar out of me in a way.

Based on the cards for the past two days, it seemed like today's special would have been Dead Island Riptide, but instead they chose Tomb Raider for today, which given my prediction, should have been on Friday.

Nonetheless, I have no complaints.

Today's theme was Yamatai Island from again, Tomb Raider

Daily Deals

Tomb Raider 75% off (12.49) If I had a better processor, I would definitely buy this today... that is literally the only thing keeping me from playing this game. It was very well received, and this is the lowest price I've seen it at.

Mars War Logs 50% off (9.99) All I have to say is it has a Metacritic score of 59 from an aggregate of a lot of scores, so it seems like it is mediocre at best. Even at 75% off, I likely wouldn't buy it.

RPG Maker VX Ace 66% off (23.79) This was one of the items I had been waiting to buy until the end of the sale to see if it was going to get an even further reduced price sometime in the next week and a bit since it started the sale at 50% off. It is a program that allows people with little to no coding experience to design an old school JRPG type game. And ever since I changed the focus of this blog, I want to try my hand at actually making a game, so this is a very good price point for me, but I can't speak for anyone else. 

Borderlands 2 66% off (10.19) I think this is a good price for a good game. My only real concern is the amount of DLC that is still going to come out for this title and the prospect that there is going to be a collected version of everything at some point for a cheaper price. But you have to weigh that against the fact that this is very much a multiplayer game so you may regret buying it later if all your friends have already played it and don't wish to return, but the fact that it is a Steamworks game means that matching is a lot easier than it was in the original title.

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 66% off (5.09) The whole Sniper Elite franchise is on sale really. There are some definite problems with the newer ones, but apparently they are still fun.

Stardrive 66% off (10.19) I heard this game had a lot of promise, but sort of failed to deliver. There are better 4X games out there, so I would say no, don't buy this today.

Age of Empires II HD 50% off (9.99) Despite some low scores, I've heard that this is a pretty good updating of Age of Empires II, so if you like RTS games, you will probably enjoy this.

The Witcher 2 75% off (4.99) If your computer can run this, buy it... as simple as that. I paid 16 dollars for it during the last summer sale on a 66% off sale then... at 5 dollars, this is an insane deal. The decisions to make in the game make the moral dilemmas in games like Mass Effect look simplistic in comparison because every little thing you do has negative and positive consequences in the whole game world. There are times you make decisions you didn't even know you were making. It is a great franchise.

Heroes of Might and Magic VI 66% off (10.19) Not really my kind of game, and it looks like it has some Ubisoft DRM beyond what they are currently using, so I am probably going to make this a soft no on my part, but I have a feeling people who like the Might and Magic games are going to be all over this one.

Resident Evil 6 50% off (19.99) Given some of the issues this game had in terms of design choices and various other things that Capcom did, I think that you should definitely wait for this one to be cheaper before trying it. I have a morbid curiosity about how some of the worst decisions came together so I have a feeling I will eventually play it for the same reason I watch something like Cabin Fever: so I can learn lessons about what not to do.

Flash Deals

Round 1 1PM-9PM

Kinetic Void 66% off (6.79) This is a very early alpha of a space exploration action type game (I gather). If it was further along, I might recommend it, but at this stage, I don't think it is complete enough to recommend.

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition 75% off (7.49) I have the earlier version of this game, which had SecuRom. I was not happy about that. This version doesn't have that DRM on it

Battlefield Bad Company 2 70% off (5.99) My only question/concern is: does anyone still play this?

LA Noire 75% off (4.99) I would love to play this... but I have no idea what GameShield DRM is, and I don't want to find out on my computer.

Round 2 9PM-5AM

Lords of Football 66% off (10.19) If you want a soccer/football game in this sale, wait for FM13 to be on sale again. Seriously.

I Am Alive 66% off (5.09) While the Metacritic score is only 66, the spread is very wide, so there may indeed be a lot of quality in this title. It is another one of those post-apocalyptic games that are so popular these days. If that interests you, this may be a game for you.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum 75% off (4.99) This is a quality older game with a lot to offer. For 5 dollars, I think it might be worth it.

On The Rain Slicked Precipice of Darkness 4 50% off (2.49) Zeboyd Games makes really good old school JRPG-type games. Take that as you will.

In all likelihood I am not going to be filling in the 5AM-1PM slot for tomorrow because of a previous engagement, but I don't think that will be much of a loss.

My Steam Summer Sale Running Total: $14.98 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Scribblenauts Unlimited, 3 Summer Sale card earned.

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