Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midweek Video: Nicolas Cage's Agent

I would honestly believe this is how he picks his roles.

College Humor scores again. (Now to wait for someone to rip this off).


Semaj said...

I guarantee that that was exactly how Cage picked Ghost Rider and Bangkok Dangerous. The man doesn’t not care about scripts what so ever.

Where did it go wrong for Cage?

He just signed on for Ghost Rider 2. This is probably how it went down.

“Uh, Cage, they want to do Ghost Rider 2, and this time they want you to actually set your head on fire for real. ”

“I’m in.”

MC said...

Like they said, he just likes being in movies.

I think part of the reason it went wrong for him is because he has a little problem with the IRS.