Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So... There Are Going to Be Two Avatar Sequels

Well, I guess my vain hopes that the 3D trend might finally slink away one of these years have been dashed.

Yes, James Cameron is working on two sequels to Avatar scheduled for release sometime around the mid-decade mark, and that means that in anticipation for these two movies, the studios are going to be pumping money into other 3D projects and encouraging people to get 3D TV's through their consumer entertainment divisions.

Now, I don't blame the studios for wanting to make more of these movies, I really don't, since they were insanely profitable. I am just saddened that 3D isn't going to die the way it should have. (OK, the way I think 3D should die is it should be taken out into the street by all the people who got sucked into watching really bad faux-3D fare and beaten to death, but that would never happen).


Kal said...

I am glad that the goobers who actually thought they were watching a GOOD movie have to wait so long to go through the experience again. I just didn't get what was so great about Avatar. After a half hour I was ready to poke my eyes out. All the pretty and shiny bells can't make up for a shitty tale.

Kristyn said...

I'd like to see Avatar sequals, I really enjoyed that movie, but I wish the 3D craze would go away!! Because I have no depth perception, 3D movies give me a horrible headache and I'm almost positive that I'm not seeing what everyone else is seeing. I really hate them, while everyone else enjoys them, and there has to be a reason (other than the migraine!). Someone should tell them to stop ripping off 1985 and ditch the 3D!

Daskaea said...

This news just made me die a little inside. *sigh*

MC said...

I just don't like the fact that someone is continuing to encourage this technology.