Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Video: Why I Love Wrestling

I think I have a stock video to go to when someone asks me what is so great about wrestling.

There are some great spots in this match.... the backflip is just killer in and of itself.


Peter Lynn said...

I like wrestling as much as anyone, but the first thirty seconds of this could have just as easily been titled "Why I Love Swing Dancing."

Arjan said...

I can appreciate/like the athletic coördination of this fight-dance (not meant in a negative way).

I don't lóve it as a wrestling fight-match since it's not meant that way. I could watch this occasionally, but not follow 'match' after match.

MC said...

Yeah, I totally cop to the fact that it is a lot lower impact than some of the other wrestling that is out there... I appreciate it for the timing and off the wall presentation.

Chikara is trying to provide something different than what the other major companies are providing, and I respect them for going their own way.