Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Midweek Video: Telephone Cover

Well, I went years without knowing a Stephani Germanotta/Lady Gaga song... and now I know a couple. Of course, I learned about them on my own terms.

Of course, I went to Pomplamoose for a cover version.

You remember Pomplamoose, don't you? I posted their take on Michael Jackson's Beat It about a month ago.

This time out, they tackled Lady Gaga's Telephone. I think it is likely better than the original.



Mayren said...

OMG!!! they kick soo much BOOTY MC!!! I'm off to purchase some of their stuff straight away.

Arjan said...

I don't know Gaga's version, but I already think this one's better.

John said...

She's a fantastic singer. But the way that she stares at me through the computer screen without blinking, without freaks me out.

MC said...

Mayren: Glad you enjoyed it. (and I think they will be happy for a sale).

Arjan: Well, I went and found the original and I agree, this version is better.

John: It seems to be a common complaint about her stage personality... at least from the Youtube comments.