Friday, March 19, 2010

Giving away ad space to my fellow bloggers

For a couple of years now, I've had ad space on my blog, mainly because I wanted to advertise my t-shirt shop... the one that went nowhere, and I made a few bucks from those spaces.

However, there is a lot of downtime for those slots, times when no one is buying ads, and during those times, either my default t-shirt shop ads appear or in the case of my skyscraper, there is no ad.

Seeing that there is space available, and a lot of people I love in the blogging village, I thought I would offer up those spaces during non-paid times to you my readers to advertise your own blogs for free.

As I said, I have three spaces available... the square ad (125 X 125), the skyscraper (160 X 600) and the leaderboard (728 X 90).

So if you want to use the space to advertise what you are doing and you can make a graphical ad in one of those sizes, I'd happily consider running it, as I said, for free.

Drop me a line at, and we will discuss the matter.

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