Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Video: Adam Sessler on Reviewing Continuity

Back in early 2007, I wrote an article about game reviewing standards (especially in terms of the raw numbers critics assign to titles), and I had almost forgotten about it, but then I saw this video, part of the Sessler's Soapbox series of vlog posts from G4 Tech TV, and it brought the whole matter back for me.

I just hope that more reviewers and critics start approaching new titles with this kind of appraisal... that individual games are part of a continuum of subtle innovations and at times out and out homages to earlier work in the medium. I want to see a higher level of criticism in game reviewing.


western digital said...

Its nice article. I like watching video.
I wish somebody to post higher level of critisism in game reviewing.

MC said...

Thank you.