Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Video: Carl Sagan meets Auto Tune

The age of Auto Tune videos has been upon us for quite some time, but I never really wanted to to acknowledge it.

Of course, when I think about Auto Tune videos, I think of Semaj who has taken a shine to them as of late, and he has picked some real nuggets out of that stream.

However, when I saw this one, well, I had to post it. When you put Carl Sagan through that process, well, you end up with something that is just so winning.

After all, Carl Sagan is trippy as it is, but with Auto Tune, well, he just becomes almost Dude-like.


Arjan said...

even send this through to my dad who teaches physics at a middle/highschool. He might be persuaded to show it in one of his classes :P

MC said...

I made a request to the person who put this one together to get a James Burke one done too.

Semaj said...

Great remix, and use of Auto tune.

Stephen Hawking ruled this. He already comes with his own auto tuning