Friday, August 14, 2009

You better watch out, Stephen Colbert

Last week, I wrote about the marketing strategy the producers of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra to avoid movie critics while marketing the film to a certain segment of the population, in a move I called the Red State strategy.

Well, me and Semaj were further discussing the matter over at his blog, and in his comment section, I thought it would be interesting to try to think about how that could be spun. So I wrote what I thought someone at Fox News or a right wing website would say about that story.

Critics are elitists, so why would the studios play into their game? It is a movie for the people, so why should the studios allow some movie critic from a liberal newspaper in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago tell the people that they will or will not like a movie based on some ivory tower intellectual basis. The only question the people need to know is if it kicks ass and is patriotic. Other than that, why analyze it?

And it was only after I had posted the comment that I realized that I had unintentionally pulled a Stephen Colbert. I mean, that could have been pulled from one of his "The Word" segments. I wasn't trying to be funny, but in a weird way it was.

In essence, I invoked Poe's Law on myself. Which was excellent and most triumphant.

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