Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Not a Doctor, but I Nitpick One on TV

I am going to say something which defies conventional wisdom: Dr. Gregory House is incompetent.

As I said in an earlier post, House MD is basically a police procedural with a medical setting. And you know what, I get a perverse thrill in pinpointing the exact moment in an episode of House where the case should have been solved.

What I mean is there is usually a moment where all the symptoms House or his team would need to see to solve the case have presented themselves, but those determining treatment take a wrong turn and end up clouding the issue by causing a bunch of additional symptoms because of their mistake. I know that I don't have the medical know how of even a first year med student (or, frankly, a med school drop out), but I do have an eye for drama and background in watching docudrama series on disasters like plane crashes and such, so I can tell what sounds like the thing that is going to be the problem.

Everyone on the show acts like Gregory House is the second coming of Sherlock Holmes (or third given that character's history), but what I've noticed is what ends up happening is House and his staff going down a lot of dead end roads, and usually almost kill the patient with their treatments. I am sure he has to pay a lot for his malpractice insurance. I would expect that might be a reason why there are some tensions between House and Dr. Cuddy as well... a small factor mind you, but it is probably in the top 10.

I mean, if he was a cop and every wrong diagnosis was a different suspect he arrested for a crime, he would have been thrown out of law enforcement so fast, it would make your head spin.

I am sure that now that I've mentioned it, a lot of you out there might start doing the same thing I am... nitpicking it to death... but it is fun.

And this is one of the myriad reasons why I don't want David Shore to remake The Rockford Files (you all probably thought I forgot about that, didn't you?).


chelfea said...

I love House, but I totally agree. His team is pretty incompetent -- and what is more, it is ridiculous that the people on his team do ALL the medical procedures on that show. I'm sorry, but no: one doctor does not perform surgery AND radiology AND do lab work.

MC said...

Yeah, that part is bullshit too... they can't do all the jobs, though that might explain why they miss some of the easy stuff as diagnosticians.

Lee Sargent said...

If I had some rare case of weird spot poisoning there's no way my doctor would pick it up - I'm pretty certain my doctor uses Google.

I'd like to see House use Google :P

MC said...

He probably does Google a lot of stuff... mostly porn I guess.