Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Video: Weird Video Game Ad

The Japanese make a lot of weird ads, so it makes sense that they would also make some rather strange spots for video games as well.

This ad for God Hand is a perfect example of that. I mean, it has nothing to do with the game, but it is certainly memorable, and with only six seconds of in-game footage, it certainly sells the sizzle rather than the steak.

An ad like this for a mainstream video game would definitely not be acceptable for the North American audience, and I don't mean because it is weird. The spanking would have made it a no-no.

But the weird thing is, even though I don't understand a word that is being said, I get everything that happened (in the context of the commercial).

I also have to respect the game in question... in the first North American trailer, it tells you it is going to kick your ass... and the game is so hard, it actually does.


Arjan said...

w t f...god's hand. a spanking game haha.

MC said...

I haven't spanked anyone yet. I think that is a male-female interaction ;)