Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night Video: Yesterday

The original Beatles song is almost completely mournful, and as one of the most covered songs ever, well, it is hard to find someone who brings something completely new to the material. Ray Charles was an artist who could do that.

To me, I notice as it gets bigger, it is almost as if Charles has gained strength after the relationship ended... like after some time, he still has some regrets, but he has learned to live with them, come to some understanding of what has happened, even if it isn't explicitly spelled out and come away from the experience a survivor.

OK, maybe that's just me.

Also, Ray Charles covered Eleanor Rigby, which made it more depressing somehow.


Micgar said...

Hey I liked that! I had never ever heard that version! It was different, to say the least. It was like the blues version of Yesterday.

MC said...

I love finding weird cover versions of songs. I actually own the CD this is on.