Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Midweek Video: Funny DVD Menu video

Edit: I posted this less than 24 hours before Michael Jackson passed away, and in no way am I making fun of him. This is neither the time nor the place for that.

Any wrestling promotion that makes a DVD menu like this has a fan in me (and this is the video I promised to post a few days ago).

Viva Chikara Pro!

With your cartoonishly entertaining wrestling, pop culturally influenced characters (for example, listen to Ultramantis Black in this promo and tell me who he sounds like not to mention a team called Super Smash Brothers) and lucha-inspired wrestling, you have everything I am looking for in an independent promotion. Bravo!

A few other moments I love:

A Kid dressed like Rey Mysterio in the crowd
"He's Going for the Sprinkles" (making fun of Hardcore wrestling)
A Brawl that ends with a strange turn of events.
A Great Eddie Kingston promo. Not funny, but just really good, and one of the first things I saw that was Chikara related.


Dalton J. Fox said...

LOL. That's legitimately one of their DVD menus?Hilarious. Chikara is awesome.

MC said...

Chikara is indeed awesome.