Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emma Watson To Quit Acting

Emma Watson plans to quit acting after the Harry Potter movies are completed.

Every once in a while, a young actor or actress has a good idea, and this is one of them.

She claims that she doesn't have the passion for acting in general, the sheer love of performing, and that instead of continuing to pursue other roles, she is going to attend Cambridge. If she was wowed by another role, then she might go back, but she doesn't want to follow the Michael Caine maxim of continually working in the industry just on the off chance she stars in another quality film through sheer volume.

Hopefully by the time the films are finished, she has taken enough of a step back from the spotlight to allow her to do the silly and embarrassing things that attending college is part and parcel with. You know, the drinking, partying and weird stunts that seemed like a good idea at the time... basically the kind of stuff the paparazzi goes nuts over and lead to a bad public reputation (even though most young adults that age have done comparable things). She will probably receive that kind of scrutiny nonetheless, but hopefully the glare will be much less of a presence in her life than it otherwise would be, and she won't be portrayed as a figure like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

By the end of the Harry Potter saga, she will have likely made a decent amount of money (if you call earning millions of dollars merely decent), so she really doesn't have to work in the industry ever again. She will still have some measure of fame no matter what she does, and if she wanted to go back, she could. And knowing that, and having an opportunity to learn and just be young outside of pressures and temptations of a celebrity life is probably the best thing for her, and in the end, will allow her to become a much more rounded person, so that if and when she returns to acting, she will go into it on her own terms, and have a healthier relationship with the industry.

I've read interviews she's given throughout her career (I never sought them out, they were always just kind of there), and this seems like it is entirely consistent with her character... that this was the route she was always destined to take, even from her first Potter film.

The corollary to this story is that with Emma Watson no longer taking parts, there are going to be a few more opportunities for other aspiring actresses who really want to act professionally and who burn with a love for the craft. That is also wonderful news for a few young women who will get a slightly better chance to shine.


Dan said...

Sounds very sensible to me. Take the money and run, that's what I say. Now if we could only get Madonna to go the same way.

MC said...

Madonna will never take the hint unfortunately.

Arjan said...

she can easily finance that study with the money she earned. Smartest thing to do.