Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night Video: Atom Bomb

I remember back in the days when music stations actually played videos, this little vignette got some decent airplay.

Yes, it is Atom Bomb by Fluke from the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack. Whee!

And yet I've never played a Wipeout game. Ever. But I do own this particular soundtrack, one of the few soundtracks I have (and the only video game related one I own), and this song is the reason why I bought it.


Arjan said...

I háve played wipeout a couple of times. Very fitting music.

MC said...

This video always reminds me of the animated sequences in Kill Bill Vol 1.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the game from time to time, but the soundtrack is by far what lives on. Although it's probably pretty redundant in my collection since I believe I have all but one of the albums the tracks come from.

MC said...

But it is a good starting point for electronic music of that era.