Monday, March 23, 2009

Express Checkout: Who You Gonna Call (Ghostbusters, Not LiLo or the Sellout)

  • Lindsay Lohan is thinking about giving up acting entirely for a career in high fashion modeling. Am I the only one that suspects the reason she might be considering this change in occupations isn't because it will be more fun, but rather, because those precious acting jobs are no longer so plentiful, so modeling may be the only career available to her nowadays since she has burned so many bridges. I could say something rather cutting and crass about how thin she is getting, but I feel that would be really wrong.

  • The producers of the upcoming Ghostbusters game have decided on the actress who will replace Sigourney Weaver, who opted out of appearing in the game... and they did manage to snag someone else with a recognizable name, but not the same kind of reputation for quality work. However, they do have experience working with the supernatural. I am of course talking about former Who's The Boss and Charmed actress Alyssa Milano. Personally, I would have thought verisimilitude would have trumped star power in this case, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case... she may indeed be able to pull off that voice.

  • Well, it is official. Billy Corgan is the last man standing in The Smashing Pumpkins. Then again, when you think about all the positions Billy Corgan has taken in the past and his recent behavior, well, I would say the Smashing Pumpkins have been dead in the water for months. I would love to think that if 1995 Corgan saw the 2009 model, he'd kick his own ass. He was against using the band's music in commercials and had quite a few choice words about Live Nation and Ticketmaster in the past, and his modern counterpart has sold the song that he claimed helped him not commit suicide to Visa, a company that, let's face it, has probably been part of the reason that more than a few people have taken their lives. And while he was selling out, he was also championing the merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster while taking time out of his busy schedule to publicly support the Performance Rights Act which would basically kill independent stations, the very stations which helped the Smashing Pumpkins get off the ground. I am expecting to read a story any day now that Corgan was caught punching babies in the face while kicking puppies and kittens.


Arjan said...

1st of all, in my feed reader the 3 pieces of text were neatly separated..howcome they aren't on the blog?

ontopic: couldn't care less about LiLo.
Ghostbusters: well at least Milano is eyecandy :)
Smashing pumpkins: *sigh*. I saw them live in 2007..I think it'll be the last time.

Jimmy Aquino said...

Lohan wants to become a supermodel so that she can score more coke.

MC said...

Arjan: I don't know why that is... I looked at the HTML code and it looks kosher to me. And I too am disappointed by my third entry truth be told... I expected better really.

Jimmy: That may be another compelling reason, but I have a feeling Kate Moss doesn't like to share.

Semaj said...

Great post,

Lindsay Lohan's days as a actress are numbered. You're right; her people probably know her future as actress are gone and this is a way to spin it in a positive way.

Alyssa Milano: I can dig her in the game.

Semaj said...

Side Comment: Jimmy Aquino, Love your work on Fist Full of Soundtracks.

MC said...

But I don't think of Sigourney Weaver when I hear her voice.

Strangely enough, a few weeks back I mentioned that I had a blogging friend that would love his blog... glad I predicted that ;)