Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Culture Kills Music Podcast Episode 3

Well, its that same Batchannel, same Batday, so once again, I am pleased to bring you another episode of the Culture Kills Music Podcast.

And with a new recording session came a new found confidence and somewhat smoother presentation. It just sort of worked out that way, though as always, there is a lot of room for improvement.

This time out, I've only played 5 songs, but it still worked out to the same amount of music and general podcast length (and even more surprising, the same amount of banter... who knew I had it in me).

You may notice on this and upcoming shows a few changes to its presentation. I found a couple of additional promotional services which have podsafe music. However, to use their materials, I have to post more information about the songs, so the show notes and such will be a little denser, and after I've played a song, I will mention the service.

The playlist for this show:

Kensington Prairie - Crooked Things Straight from the album Captured in Still Life

Giant Brain - This Is Where the Robot Escapes His Evil Captor, Finds Raygun, Plots Revenge from Thorn of Thrones released by Small Stone Records Rhapsody

Kaiser Cartel - Oh No from the album March Forth

Sandy and the Surfsonics - Playa Encantada from the album Oceanica

Kraak and Smaak - Real Pain from the album The Remix Sessions

You can listen to it on the embedded player below:

Of course, if you want to download it for future listening, it is also available in MP3 form (33 MB). I went with 128 kbps encoding this time out, and I think the reduction in size is a fair tradeoff for whatever minimal loss in sound quality this move may have produced.

The Podcast is also available at Mevio, which has an RSS feed and additional listening options.

The music was provided by Ariel Publicity, the Podsafe Music Network, Killbeat Music and Ioda Promonet.

And if you are an independent musician or represent a publicity or record company that makes music available for podcast and you would like me to know about it, feel free to contact me at

You can also revisit past episodes of the show.

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Episode 2: Ekho, Little Name, Patti Rothberg, Dare Dukes, The Squarewaves, Social Studies



Arjan said...

I´ll check this out somewhere this weekend or next week. I haven´t even commented yet on #2, but I really liked your choice of music!

I´m a bit short on blogtime myself atm..but I´ll try and make a podcast as soon as I got time to get someone to fix my mic problem.

Semaj said...

Good work, I loved Kraak and Smaak song.

And, I'm seeing an improvement, you're getting better in your introduction of song.

This podcast could turn into something huge.

I had a great time riding my bike during the night and listening to this podcast

MC said...

Arjan: I am sure you will be great at it.

Semaj: I know they've been on Jimmy Kimmel (and with the intros, I am doing them on the day rather than later on, which I think helps).

Arjan said...

I finally checked it last night, great choice of music again! Cool to hear you found Kraak & Smaak *yay Dutch guys*.

They had a big hit last year (overhere) with squeeze me

That you can't pronounce their names..well it's a different language so I won't blame you :P
Oh and I díd see them live, very nice!