Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Alice in Steampunkland

It sort of makes sense that Steampunk and Alice in Wonderland would at some point be melded together. They are both subversive views of the 19th century after all.

The idea was explored in this awesome picture by Sandra Chang-Adair.

Check it out at the original site for greater detail.

Sandra Chang-Adair, you've rocked my world. I guess I am a closet steampunk fan after all.


Lee said...

That is cool, I recently saw a wind-up steampunk Alice illustration somewhere and for the life of me can't remember where but it was quite cool too.

Arjan said...


Mel said...

Never heard of Steampunk. Will have to look into it... now that I'm back online.

(Leading statement much? Hi!)

MC said...

Lee: I've been seeing a few takes on a Steampunk Alice on stumbleupon as of late so perhaps I will run into it.

Arjan: Indeed.

Mel: Welcome back you who share my initials.