Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Culture Kills Music Podcast Episode 2

Well, here we are, just two weeks after my first music podcast, and already I've completed a second one. Who'd have thunk it?

Granted, I recorded most of the audio for this podcast during the same session as the first podcast, so that helped a lot. I admit there are some rather noticeable edits and redubs, but the show must go on despite my occasional deficiencies as a public speaker.

The playlist for this show:

Ekho - Nocturne
Little Name - Orienteering
Patti Rothberg - Wavelength
Dare Dukes - Bakersfield
The Squarewaves - You Fell Asleep
Social Studies - Sparrow

You can listen to it on the embedded player below:

Of course, if you want to download it for future listening, it is also available in MP3 form (41 MB).

Perhaps next time I will only encode it at 128 rather than 160kbps and save some people some bandwidth.

The Podcast is also available at Mevio, which has an RSS feed and additional listening options.

The music was provided by Ariel Publicity, the Podsafe Music Network and The Squarewaves.

And if you are an independent musician or represent a publicity or record company that makes music available for podcast and you would like me to know about it, feel free to contact me at


Lee said...

Awesome now I have something to listen to on the way to work on Monday!

MC said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Lee. :)