Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Night Video: What's A Girl To Do

I found this video on the site GBH.TV during the week and it captivated me... so much so that I knew that it would be the Sunday Night Video tonight.

The band is Bat For Lashes, which is the alter ego of Natasha Khan. I know she looks surprisingly like Lily Allen in this video, but I've seen other pictures of her and it is only an illusion.

I am sort of reminded of the original version of The Wicker Man.


Semaj said...

Great song and video. I remember this one.

The creepy biking animals reminded me of those bloody Bunny's in the Silent Hill games.

Did they digitally remove the bikers when they folded back behind the lead singer? It's hard to tell.

What's up with the crashed car?

MC said...

I think they used black screen (the simplest practical effect really.