Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now Leo's coming for Joshua

Leonardo DiCaprio has made me a sad little geekboy this morning.

Word is he is going to be producing a remake of the iconic 1983 film Wargames. It has been one of my favorite movies for a long time, and now, it too is going to be sullied by remake fever.

I mean, I had less than a day of relief after reading about the new The Thing movie and then this. I am having a hard enough time accepting that Robocop remake, and is like Hollywood is just kicking me while I am down.

My suggestion to DiCaprio for an alternate plan is to remake D.A.R.Y.L instead, though I am sure there are people out there who would be as upset about that as I am about this Wargames "reboot". But I am willing to bet there are less people who would be upset by that than a Wargames remake, because it has a good following in certain communities which are, how shall I put this, very adept at doing things with computers.

And correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the word reboot in these cases generally apply to movies that had lots of sequels (Bond) and television show remakes? There are only two movies in the Wargames universe... how can you reboot that... I know it is a computer-based movie, but that pun is just unwarranted really.

So I am sort of doubly pissed by this whole thing this afternoon.


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