Monday, February 16, 2009

I want to build one of these now

I've been playing a game called S.L.A.I (Steel Lancer Arena International) as of late, and so I've had a lot of Mech fighting on my mind. I mean, I even looked up the trailer to the awful 1989 movie Robot Jox (and does anyone think the game intro looks more realistic than the actual movie?)

Picture my astonishment over the weekend when I stumbled on the following image:

I found this image at SHNELLL, and it really got my geeky-sense tingling. Especially since I know what a Madcat is. (A Madcat is an awesome assault mech in Mechwarrior).

It just works on so many levels (the fact that it looks like the cat has its paws on the control levers is the icing on the cake). I know it isn't accurate, but for the materials involved, it is pretty cool.


Lee said...

I'm almost speechless.

Awesomeness is a cat in an assault mech.

I'm more and more tempted to add a cat to the team at home and photos like this aren't making it any easier.

Arjan said...

sweet!!! I've played many mech game (among which the one where Madcats were roaming around) and saw a couple of cartoons about mechs.

MC said...

Lee: So you perhaps need some horror stories about them then?

Arjan: I think Giant Robots are one of the fundamental geek elements really