Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Night Video: The Kevin Bacon Movie Club

I remember those commercials from the late 1980's and into the 1990's which advertised buying a collection of movies one VHS tape at a time. There was a James Bond collection, a Clint Eastwood collection, a John Wayne collection and a whole host of television shows available in this format.

But with the rise of the internet and of the DVD format, those movie clubs sort of faded away into obscurity... until I saw this recent ad at Funny or Die for the Kevin Bacon Movie Club.

You have to give him this: Kevin Bacon can certainly take the piss out of himself.


Arjan said...

hehe brilliant.
I haven't got any real movie box sets. I only own the Matrix trilogy and next to that all seasons of Oz (bought separately) and 1 season of Lost.
A friend of mine does own a gigantic suitcase of 007 movies though.

MC said...

Well, thinking back about those tv collection clubs, it was funny that when you'd order the tapes, you'd only get 2-4 episodes of the show at a time.

Arjan said...

which would be kinda equel to one dvd of a season pack hehe.

MC said...

If that.