Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Naughty Head Nurse: A Culture Kills Comic

I am just imagining the kind of disappointed crowd that title will bring in, because you know thousands of people have to be looking for that particular phrase

However, the title was the last part that I came up with for this comic, so don't worry... I didn't go all smutty on you... though I am more hip than the newspapers and tv networks who won't advertise Kevin Smith's new movie because it features the word porno in the title. Part of me thinks if Boogie Nights had been called Porno Valley or some such alternate title, these problems wouldn't be cropping up.

The Naughty Head Nurse


Arjan said...

well you díd succeed in letting me laugh so the misleading title has been forgiven.

elgringo said...

I like it. I still have my pants on as well so I feel like I can relate with the supporting character. That's good.

MC said...

Arjan: Well, I let a lot of people laugh... usually at me, but I just let it slide.

elgringo: I live a Dude-like pursuit of life, so pants are kept at a minimum (length that is... shorts are a lifestyle choice).