Monday, October 06, 2008

Kevin Costner Reportedly considering a Good Career Move

It seems that perhaps Kevin Costner has gotten a clue since last week when I made fun of him for being yet another Hollywood actor who wanted to become a singer and for his colossal failures as an actor/director.

Why do I say this? Apparently he is in talks with Ron Shelton to take a second swig from the intoxicating career canteen that was Bull Durham. And the even better news is that Susan Sarandon is also reportedly discussing the project with Shelton.

I agree that narrative well isn't dry, and I could see quite a few stories emerging from even the two above characters (with Costner's Crash Davis likely playing the coach of the Durham Bulls by this point), and I have a strange feeling that if the movie came to fruition, Annie Savoy and Crash would likely not be married.

Even at its worst, a sequel to Bull Durham has to be better than a Costner musical career, doesn't it? I mean, it isn't like Uwe Boll is going to have anything to do with it.

However, I do fear the idea that Costner may use the role to promote his band, and we don't want that. But again, the likely dearth of science fiction or English accents in a potential Bull Durham sequel should be cause to celebrate.

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