Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Express Checkout: Opus, Madonna, Jason Statham

  • Comic strip artist/writer Berkeley Breathed is shutting down Opus after November 2nd and says he is going to quit cartooning entirely. As someone who has lived through 3 Breathed comic strips, I am willing to bet money that there will indeed be a fourth at sometime in the future. I think it is a safe bet indeed.

  • Madonna doesn't want Sarah Palin to come to her concerts. Anyone surprised by this? I thought it would be sort of a given. Does anyone think that Madonna is just trying to once again get people to pay attention to her in some vain attempt to seem relevant as a personality, as she is not pushing the envelope as a musician anymore, and it would distract people from that whole Alex Rodriguez speculation.

  • Guy Ritchie staple Jason Statham loves So You Think You Can Dance. That revelation makes me wonder is what embarrassing reality show addiction Vinnie Jones is going to eventually cop to. I am hoping he admits he watches America's Top Model. That would really make my day.


Arjan said...

that's...just lame.
Next up, she won't let Palin buy any of her cd's, anywhere haha.

MC said...

I'd love to see her enforce that one.

Jeremy Barker said...

I only recently realized that Breathed had resurrected Opus, to find that he is killing him again. I was a massive fan of Bloom County, less so of Outland and then dropped off. And you're probably right that he'll be back again.

MC said...

I just don't know if Opus would return when Breathed does though.